BART-CHAM-DAO Eight-Cutting Broadswords Techniques
BIU-TZE Thrusting Fingers Form
BIU-TZE-SAU Thrusting Fingers (movement)
CHANG SAU Spade Hand
CHI-DAN-SAU Single Arm Clinging (exercise)
CHI-KWUN Pole Clinging (exercise)
CHIN GUM-SAU Front Pinning Hand
CHI-SAU Arm Clinging (exercise)
CHI-SHEUNG-SAU Double Arm Clinging (exercise)
CHONG Prefighting Posture (southern Chinese)
CHONG Wooden Dummy, special equipment for kung fu training
CHUEN-KIU Piercing Arm
CHUM-KIU Arm Seeking Form
CHUNG-LO Mid-level
CHUNG-SIN Median Line
DING-JARN Butting Elbow
DUI-KOK-MA / JU-SUN-MA Diagonal Stance / Sidelong Stance
FAK-SAU Whisking Arm
FOOK-SAU Bridge-on Arm
GAUN-SAU Splitting Block
GUM-SAU Pinning Hand
HAR-LO Lower Level
HAU GUM-SAU Back Pinning Hand
HOI-MA Setting up of Stance
HUEN BO / KAU-BO Circling Steps / Plucking Steps
HUEN-GOT-SAU Circling Cut
HUEN-SAU Circling Hand
JU-CHEUNG Sideward Palm
JU-GUM-SAU Side Pinning Hand
JUM SAU Sinking Block
JU-SUN-KUEN Sidelong Punch
JU-SUN-MA / DUI-KOK-MA Sidelong Stance / Diagonal Stance
JUT-SAU Jerk Hand
KAR-SIK (CHONG) Prefighting Posture (northern Chinese)
KAU-BO / HUEN BO Plucking Steps / Circling Steps
KAU-SAU Circling Block
KIU-SAU Bridge Arm
KUEN Fist, Fist-fighting
KUEN-TO Boxing Form
KUO-SAU Fighting Practice
KWAI-JARN Downward Elbow Strike
KWUN-MA Pole Stance
KWUN-SAU Rotating Arms (complex movement)
LAP SAU Deflecting Arm (complex movement)
LAU-SAU Scooping Arm
LIN-WAN-KUEN Chain Punches / Alternate Thrusting Punches
LOK-SAU Rolling Arms (exercise)
LUK-DIM-BOON-KWUN Six-and-one-half-point Long Pole Techniques
MANG-GENG-SAU Neck Pulling Hand
MAN-SAU Inquisitive Arm
MUK-YAN-CHONG Wooden Dummy
MUK-YAN-CHONG-FA Wooden Dummy Techniques
NOI-MOON Indoor Area
NUK-SAU Free-hand Fighting Practice
OI-MOON Outdoor Area
PAK-SAU Slap Block
PIE-JARN Elbow Hacking
PO-PAI-CHEUNG Double Palms (complex movement)
SAAM-KOK-BO Triangular (advancing) Steps
SAAM-SING-CHONG Three-star Dummy / Tripodal Dummy
SAAM-PAI-FUT / SIU-NIM-TAU Praying Thrice to the Buddha / Little Idea Form
SEI-PING-MA Quadrilateral Level Stance
SHAT-GENG-SAU Throat-cutting Hand
SHEUNG-KUEN Double Punches (complex movement)
SHEUNG-LO Upper Level
SIU-NIM-TAU / SAAM-PAI-FUT Little Idea Form / Praying Thrice to the Buddha
TAN-SAU Palm-up Arm
TIE-SAU Lifting Arms / Rising of Arms
TOK-SAU Elbow-lifting Hand
TUT-SAU Freeing Arm (complex movement)
WU-SAU Protective Arm
YAN-CHEUNG Stamping Palm
“YAT” CHI KUEN Character “Sun” Fist
“YAT” CHI CHUNG KUEN Character “Sun” Thrusting Punch
CHUNG-SI Grand-master of a Style
DAI-GEE / MOON-YAN Student(s), Follower(s), Disciple(s)
GAR Family, Style
JO-SI Founder of a Style
KIU / KIU SAU Bridge Arm
KUEN Fist, Fist Fighting
KUEN-FA Fist Fighting Method
KUEN-SU Art of Fist Fighting
KUEN-TO Boxing Form
KUNG Power or Strength of Martial Art Trainee
KUNG-FU Martial Art (colloquial term) / Work, Knowledge, Technique
MO Military
MOON-TO Disciple(s)
MOON-YAN / DAI-GEE Martial Artist (formal term)
PAI Style, System, Special Group, School
SHAO-LIN CHI Siu Lam Monastery (Mandarin pronunciation)
SI-DEI Younger Kung-fu Brother
SI-HING Elder Kung-fu Brother
SI-JE Elder Kung-fu Sister
SI-JUK Kung-fu Nephew (student if si-dei)
SIFU Kung-fu Instructor,
Revered Title for a Technical Instructor in any Trade
SI-KUNG Kung-fu Grandfather (teacher of si-fu)
SI-MO Kung-fu Mother, Wife of Sifu
SI-MUI Younger Kung-fu Sister
SI-PAK Elder Kung-fu Brother of Sifu
SI-PAK-KUNG Elder Kung-fu Brother of Si-kung
SI-SOK Younger Kung-fu Brother of Sifu
SI-SOK-KUNG Younger Kung-fu Brother of Si-kung
SI-JO Teacher of Si-kung
SIU LAM GEE Siu Lam Monastery
TO-DEI Student, Disciple (southern Chinese)
TO-SUEN Kung-fu Grandson (student of to-dei)
TO-YEE Student, Disciple (northern Chinese)
TUNG-MOON Fellow Student, Follower of the Same Style
WU-SU Martial Art, Kung-fu (Mandarin pronunciation)